Rodolfo Kardona

Mr. Kardona, began his adventure as an Entrepreneur when he was 10 years old. known as The Artist, he began his first Achievement and Failure, when the teachers of his school when seeing his drawing skills, asked him to paint murals in school with different political figures of those years, one group of his teacher asked to paint the face of one leader of the capitalism  side  and other group of teachers asked to paint of a leader of the communism side, the end the Principal of the school ordered remove both murals to avoid conflict between them, Rodolfo did not understand what was happening, he was just passionate about painting, He was a child just 10 years old.


As Rodolfo grew and developed his skills as a painter, he began to work in painting, but at that time art was not appreciated in El Salvador, he stopped painting art and began painting advertising murals and doing work for small and large businesses.

Until one day someone saw his talent and called him for a job interview for La Prensa Grafica, one of the pioneers and prestigious Newspapers in El Salvador, Rodolfo was in charge of designing the Comic Mural of the Newspaper, making carvings of political officials, artists and many other people, he presented the difficult situation of our country, but in a funny way.


At the end of the 90’s, when technology began to enter El Salvador, computers were the tools that La Prensa Grafica began to use to design, Rodolfo lost his job for a while and was replaced by a Professional Designer. However that person who replaced him did not have the touch of imagination and did not even understand the situation of the country and they returned to call Rodolfo to advise these designers, but without giving credit to Him. For that reason, Rodolfo decided to leave that company and emigrate to United States where he began to find an opportunity to work in art painting in different businesses such as restaurants, churches and different organizations doing what he likes to do.


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